October 2007
A very interesting project following a car for Rory's First Kiss
September 2007
The months come and go and yet more sailing this time off to Weymouth for UKIS great fun.
August 2007
Back from Spain to the UK Rain and the Fastnet and the Gyron continues to work. Now for a little job at Guards Chappel.
March 2007
Valenica here we come the 32ND Americas Cup is on. 3 Months with a Gyron
January 2007
Now its getting colder and back to the world of HD with new Pan & Tilt for the football"God bless football"
November 2006
Just when the weather in the UK is getting cold we go to Doha for the East Asia Games for a spot of Canoeing, what a great end to the year
September 2006
Just when we thought water was the new norm back to Athens for the IAAF World Cup for a long jump
August 2006
What happens you do one job with water and then you get another and another now of to Nottingham for the European Canoe Slalom Championships
July 2006
What more water lets go to the European Swimming Chamionships in Hungary
June 2006
This is what we like fast boats and great cameras at the Americas Cup in Spain
May 2006
Off to the Silverstone to park a few cars in the pit all good fun
March 2006
A very interesting little project for a special camera for Football I wonder were it will be used
February 2006
Off to the Winter Olympics in Torino to do the Speed Skating with a LIM
October 2005
A Very Interesting projects starts "Torino 2006"
July 2005
Off to Helsinki for the IAAF Championships
A very good day at Trafalgar Square. The Olympic Bid 2012
June 2005
An interesting project at the bowl for Green Day "Bullet in a Bible"
June 2005
view the sentinel pilot film
June 2005

The new Lux Control Website is launched.
April 2005
a hole in one at the golf club
April 2004
Lux Control to Light the UK Premiere of "The darkness in a wooden bell" at the Greenwich Playhouse, London in June.
March 2004
Lux Control to Light "Are there Tigers in the Congo" at the White Bear, London in May.